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About company

For almost two decades company AL-MIR S.C. takes up producing hosiery articles. Since the beginning, customers of our company have appreciated wide assortment, absolutely unique quality of product, attractive prices and high standard of cooperation.

As an owners of Malavika brand we offer try on socks for trying on shoes.

Shoe Shops which provides high-standard consumer services have been using our try on socks for many years now.

According to European Union hygiene regulations making use of try on socks ensures keeping hygiene and protection for both feet and shoes, during trying on.

It is very important aspekt especially during trying on summer shoes, when usually our customers feet are uncovered.

try on socks protect shoes, which are trying on many times, from unwelcome discolouration.

Neutral colour, close to body colour, makes footie look like second skin and prevent from dissonance of colour during trying on shoes. Quality and composition of material are matched to customers needs of comfort and hygiene of feet.

The fact that we produce great number of try on socks makes our prices very competitive.

We would like to invite to cooperation representatives, distributors and shoe shop owners.

Every good shoe shop just can’t do without try on socks !

We would like you to get  familiar with our offer, to make a good decision and choose products appropriate to your standards.